Saturday, January 21, 2012


i've begun to realize one of the reasons
i don't post more often is that:
a. i don't have time (that's a lie.)
b. i have so much i want to post about i get overwhelmed.

i do have the time.
i have the time to finish the entire
hunger game series.
i have the time to make floral hair fascinators
(my new project).
i have time to watch tmz.
don't you wish you had a machine that you could just think it..
and it blogs itself.

anyway here's what's on my mind.

1. it's saturday & it snowed.
what a waste of a snow day.

2. we're in the process of putting our house on the market.
hurray! (that's a lie.. i'm not excited.. i'm dreading the cleaning,
the walk throughs of potential buyers.. the fact that i think our house is unsellable..)

3. i'm really out of shape.
even though i'm at my goal weight..
i literally look like a fool at TRAIN.
nobody makes me feel like a fool..
but i know.
you'd think i'd be stronger from lifting a 20+lb baby..
but no.

4. i was happy to find out that the 4 kettle ball is not pounds
but kilograms.
i did look like a fool when i said 'i can't even lift 4lbs'
& everyone laughed.

5. i think i should just carry a picture around of me 40lbs heavier.
than everyone will stop hasseling me with the 'why do you need to work out'
umm hello people EVERYONE needs to work out &&& EAT HEALTHY.

6. i haven't bought a new pair of jeans in two years,
(besides maternity) i'm convinced my jeans are out of style.
but they make my butt look good.. so whatev.

7. i'm sure black leggings are out of style.
but that doesn't stop me from wearing them everyday.

8. my glasses are 2+years old..
& they're hillary duff brand from walmart.
i need some new ones..

9. mom, sister in law & i are going to see sylvia browne in a week.
we've decided if she doesn't come talk to us she's a fraud..
because we've got some serious history with ghosts.

10.  my etsy store clearance is almost over.
i'm hesitant to restock until i move..
which could be over a year away.. or never.
i'll keep you updated.
like you actually care.

cheers to the weekend.


  1. I feel the same way about my jeans and I also still wear leggings all time regardless if they are in style or not. GOOD LUCK with the house! I hope it sells quickly for you!

  2. Hunger Games = BEST BOOKS EVER! I don't have time to read anymore with the new puppy, but I got The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on tape so i can listen on my commutes to/from work!