Thursday, January 5, 2012

stand tall.

just as i was so ready to get back into a normal routine.
no holidays,
no shopping,
no craziness.
pink eye.

i have no clue how/why/where..
it just appeared on tuesday morning.

so santino's been home with me,
if i didn't want to claw my eyes out..
this would be pretty much perfect.

home with my little boy all day,
happy & relaxed when j gets home..

it's so hard to enjoy my nights after working all day.
stress, needing to get ready for the next day..
dinner/bath/bedtime routine..

such mixed emotions about being a working mom.
so i'm just enjoying these sick days home.

we're just conquering crawling
& now he's pulling up..
something new everyday..

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe how close he is to walking!! Kaylee is NO where near that point yet.. she is barely interested in crawling lol. She might army crawl for a minute and then roll over and give up. I am looking forward to her learning to be able to do more things like this soon :)