Friday, January 6, 2012

snowday.. kind of.

so is it just me..
or is everyone in a negative post holiday mood?

as i browsed my facebook wall,
i was completely brought down by everyone's status updates.

complaining about the weather,
other people,
or life in general.

yesterday we saw our first accumulating snow of the year.
okay so it was a dusting,
but you would have thought it was a blizzard.

so how do we get out of this slump?

think positive,
& set small goals.

this weekend i want to head to cawman's
& update my display.

i'm also dying to get back to the gym.
either go back to my company gym,
or try out a friend's new personal training location.
not trying to lose weight,
but just tone up
& feel the endorphins!

my schedule makes gym time next to impossible,
so i'm also looking for some new at home workouts.
any good dvd recomendations?
i love tracy anderson's method..                                  

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