Saturday, January 7, 2012

beautiful day & cranberry cake.

i'm typing softly,
it's 6pm
& santino's already in bed.

his eyes were closing as he was eating dinner.
and quickly fell asleep.

i'm thinking he'll be up in about an hour,
but hoping he sleeps longer.

this is all my fault.
it hit 65degrees in south jersey today.

i skipped the afternoon nap,
for a walk
& a trip the park..
in his new truck.
the park is just across the street
& usually deserted.
but oh no..
someone left their dog behind.
call the SPCA.
but it was a perfect day for an impromptu photoshoot.
these days happen a lot lately..
not complaining!
oh blue eyes,
please stay.
how you melt my heart.
i spent most of my time at the park
pulling pine needles out of his mouth.

prior to the park
we stocked up at the local market.

i wanted to bake with cranberries for christmas,
but couldn't find fresh cranberries.

alas they were at the market today!
here's to trying something new (hello, resolution!)

i looove simple cakes.
they're my new obsession.

just butter & sugar.
i'm also getting use to baking with eggwhites
& whisking feverently.

recipe here!

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