Sunday, May 20, 2012

the bump.

twenty one weeks,
over halfway cooked.

so different,
not better or worse..
just different than santino.

here's my pros vs cons,
of the first half,
of my 2nd pregnancy.

1. i felt this baby kick way earlier - such a mover & shaker just like
her older brother.
2. i've gained about half the weight i gained with santino - thank you
salads, omelets, nightly walks, frozen fruit bars, veggies & cliff
3. spring maternity dresses are way cuter than winter maternity sweaters
4. i can eat bananas - made me gag with santino
5. time is flying, i'm so busy with santino.. i can't believe this
baby will be here in 4.5months!

1. the pain - hips from sleeping on my side, foot/leg cramps, round ligaments!
2. goodbye what little sleep i was getting, i can't fall asleep.. &
santino takes up half my spot in our bed
3. my skin - yikes, hit a rough patch, switched to a simple neutrogena
cream wash & i'm seeing improvement
4. maternity clothes in general suck.
5. this awkward, 'i'm not fat, i'm pregnant' stage.. how do you tell

& let me make it clear,
the cons aren't really negatives.
just differences i've felt
& changes..

i love being pregnant,
today santino was curled up on my belly sleeping.
it was almost like my babies were already cuddling.
i'm so excited to add more laughter & love to this little family.

how did you prepare your family for baby number two?

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