Tuesday, May 1, 2012

can i stand on a platform for a minute?

on april 23, 2012 the academy of pediatrics posted this article
the focus on childhood obesity.

here's what i understood admist the research data:
children from lower socioeconomic families,
those who specifically use government funded insurance
had a lower decline in childhood obesity than those children with private insurance.
simply: there is a great discrepancy in childhood obesity between higher & lower SES.

so many people recommended i breastfeed to 'save money'.
and you bet we save a ton of money during those 7months.
and when i fed santino his last formula bottle last week i was so relieved.
but honestly that relief had little to do with finances.

isn't it amazing that people from a higher socioeconomic status
are MORE likely to breastfeed.
i.e. angelina jolie, pink & beyonce

i really hope to never by formula again.
i can never say never,
but once we made the switch to formula,
santino started with ear infections,
& never adjusted well to the formula.

& in february 2012 the aap reaffirmed their guidelines for breastfeeding..
exclusively until 6 months.

in addition i've read so much advice on facebook
to friends & family about when to start cereal.
the aap does not recommend putting cereal in the bottle.
sometimes we need to close our ears to good intentions
of family & friends,
and listen to the docs.

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