Thursday, May 10, 2012

phillies game

tuesday night the rain held off
& santino went to his first phillies game.

j&i have a long tradition of phillies games.
this is our 5th phillies season together!

santino, luckily...
loves people & noise.
except for that one random guy that looked at him..
& santino freaked.
swear babies have a wierd 6th sense.

loved the clapping.
he's always a little delayed..
watches everyone clap..
then he claps wildly.
but he loved walking around the park.
or better yet trying to run away from me.

enjoyed his first crabfries.
i was shocked..
they definitely have a unique taste
but he didn't seem to mind.

started to crash in the 5th,
but overall was a trooper.
he'll definitely be spending many nights here,
glad to know he's a happy phils phan!

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1 comment:

  1. Those photos are priceless!!! He is definitely daddy's boy!!