Friday, August 14, 2009

celebrating. not just today, but eveyday.

i am blessed.
this past year has been amazing.
this birthday celebration was the perfect finale.
thanks to wendy from wendy's affairs of the heart& kamila harris (& kat & the phils), my husband & i trashed the dress at citizen's bank park.
then we hit up two of our philly favorites mcfaddens & chickie's!
& ended the night @ lincoln financial field watching our eagles.
somewhere in between all the different stops there were a million laughs.. so many amazing people who showed us around the park (let me sit in chase utley's chair), workers who stopped cleaning so some silly girl in a dress could take pictures, laughed as i change out of my wedding dress in a retail store, honked as we rolled around south philly in a vintage caddy, waitresses who told me my feather hair piece was cute (they probably lied, but it was nice) and reminded me of how lucky i am.

1 comment:

  1. awesome.
    awesome quote. awesome picture. awesome place.

    hope you had a great birthday. it sure sounds like it!