Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no, i promise. day6

i didn't realize the downside of my plan until i was already in borders.
my biggest fear became that someone would see me, and assume the worst.
i refused to even ask the sales person what section to look in.
self-help? nope.
referene? uh-uh.
now if i were a parent, where would i spend my time at borders?
ah-ha! the mother load of parenting books.. next to the children's section.
no i'm not pregnant.
no i have no secret love child.
but i needed parenting books for work.
so if you saw me today, creeping around borders.
i promise, no bun in the oven.

picture is of my cousin's wife & new baby.
she's rocking a sling from this etsy shop that i gave to her at her baby shower!

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