Thursday, August 27, 2009

day 15, back to baking.

i use to be a chocolate only dessert person.
trying to eat healthier has changed my view on dessert.
fruits have become a staple in my diet & in my desserts!
my husband's mother is in hawaii at her condo,
and i know he would love to be there too.
he's home with me.. & we have no time to head to hawaii anytime soon.
i made these hawaiian mango cookies so he can imagine he is in hawaii. :)
one day, hopefully sooner than later..
we'll be there to eat real mangoes in hawaii.
ps - is the plural of mango mangoes or mangos?
looked it up - mangoes...


  1. Hey thanks for coming by my blog!! Homemade pizza is so easy as long as you have premade pizza dough =0) I have yet to attempt my own pizza dough because I don't have the patience haha...which is also why I am not a baker =0)

    My white arugula pizza recipe is on my blog if you search for it =0)

    Where does your mother in law live in Hawaii? We are going there for our honeymoon in Oct and I am so excited!!

  2. OMG bring them to my house, please. Those sound delish - mangoes are so great! The sad thing is that in NE we get pretty sad little guys without much flavor, boo!

  3. she has a place in lahaina, good for celeb spotting!