Sunday, September 27, 2009

baking tips.

yesterday i put together a small tray of cookies.
i knew the cookies had to be made on friday,
since electricians were coming to work at our house saturday.
i decided to make the cookie dough during the week,
i made four different doughs one each night.
how do i store dough?

baking tip 1: i refrigerate dough for up to a week, stored in two layers of plastic wrap
& tucked inside a gallon ziploc bag. if i want to store the dough for longer (like for my christmas cookies) i'll wrap the dough in an additional layer of plastic wrap & sometimes two bags and stick it in the freezer. the frozen dough will last for a few weeks. just be sure to take out the dough out of the fridge/freezer to let it soften up. the dough is way easier to work with!

baking tip 2: i read this on another blog last year & i've done it ever since. let your eggs sit out and use at room temperature. not sure why this works or how it is important but they're easier to mix in as well.

baking tip 3: use an electric mixer for your liquids, but only gently mix the dry ingredients in with the electric mixer, then finish with a wooden spoon. over mixing leads to flat cookies, and dry breads/cupcakes/cookies.

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