Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm having a party, day 33.

a pity party.
seriously, i need to get over myself.
'i hate my job' - really? do i really hate my job.. no.
'i suck at school' - probably not.
'i hate my life' - this is probably my most famous untrue line.
'minions the worst dog ever' - no i'm sure pepper and ulysses who bit our neighbor were worse.
'i'm never going to be happy' - really? i'm not even going there.
'i'm over it' - j will probably kick me out next time i say this. it's really that old.

all statements made by me over the weekend.
i gave myself a pity party.. but really i need to get over myself.

"make the best of each day, and remember people are there for you" - my motto starting today.

roadtrip to hokieburg.. t-minus 4 days, what a reason to be happy!


  1. You pity party must end today because hello .... you are about to go on vacation!!! Cheer up!

  2. Ohhh nooo! I've been there too lately and its just not fun. Im so sorry. Believe me, its not that easy to get over things in a split second. Especially the job, considering you have to wake up each and every day to go there. I know how you feel just take it one day at a time. Smile.

  3. I hold these every now and then for myself... hope you are feeling better soon. And remember, we're always our own hardest critic.