Wednesday, September 9, 2009

need some color. day 28.

as i mentioned in my previous post, i love color.
my new office has NO COLOR.
even my coworkers have begun making comments about how i need 'something'.
i've been searching etsy for a perfect print.
i work in a health-related field with children.
so help me choose which of these prints would be appropriate..
& bring some color & inspiration to my office!

best day ever

wherever you go
small voice
pass it on
lemon bars
i would seriously buy all of these, but right now i can only afford one! i also will take suggestions that are not one of the above, but i really want to buy from etsy! & if you are one of the creators of the above art, you can also try and sway the vote!!


  1. i vote for #1 or #2... the others have negative vibes to them for some reason... might as well keep the kiddies happy and positive! :)

  2. I like color too!! These are all great, I want them! Lol! The first one is my favorite!