Sunday, February 20, 2011

my journey.

it took a lot of vocalization from my friends to get me to post a baby bump picture.
it has taken 31weeks for me to appreciate my journey.

i spent so long comparing myself to others,
& wondering what was normal.

before i realized this is normal for me.

the beginning was tough.
i gained weight quickly.
i was sick every morning.
i thought this is it...
one and done.

then a miracle happened around 17-18weeks.
i felt like me.
i went back to the gym.
got back on my normal diet.
started feeling in control.

it didn't help that i started a new job,
& a week later there were two pink lines.

thank god this job has been amazing.
supportive bosses & co-workers are underrated.
& it has been the best distraction.

now i feel in the zone.
between my day-job & helen's hassack,
i'm always on the move.
sometimes i'm going for hours
& then i feel that kick..
and suddenly remember i'm pregnant.

it's important,
do not get me wrong.
i cannot wait to be a mom.

& i haven't been this happy..
not just happy,
but honestly content,
but i'm also me..
& i don't plan on losing that anytime soon.

*please ignore the mess of our guest room
which is now also our home office in order to make room for baby.


  1. You are beautiful. And, you will be a great mom and ALWAYS a wonderful "you"!

  2. You look amazinggg! Seriously, looking good girl :)

  3. You look awesome. Really. And some days I need that little kick to remind me too!