Thursday, February 24, 2011

what's in a name.

we're naming our child after a character from a movie.
& this movie series has been playing the past two nights.
& we're addicted.
we can't wait for our santino.
the boy we'll call sonny.
this is as close as we can get.
a movie.
we're not really naming our baby after a movie character.
he'll be sonny after my grandfather.
the 82 year old man who still calls me doll baby.
who will tell you exactly what he's thinking.
who slipped me $20 each time i saw him while in college.
when i had a migrane while sleeping over his house as a kid..
he stayed up with me,
held my hair back while i got sick.
& told me he use to get migranes but he out grew them and i would too.
& i did.

he also sat with me while i cried when my parents were divorcing.
his parents had divorced too.
he told me it would be okay eventually
& it was.

he told me how he fought with his sister
& missed her wedding.
but they ended up being close again
& my brother
& i would be okay.
& we are.

santino will not be sonny officially.
we're saving that for cousin k or a..
whoever has a baby boy first.

but unofficially our boy will be sonny.
& he'll have big shoes to fill.

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  1. As usual, you and J. have touched my heart! You have the soul of an angel and so much love in your heart. What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. Just beautiful! Love the name!