Monday, May 2, 2011

part1 - contractions.

i'll probably rewrite these posts six thousand times.
i feel like delivering your baby is so private & intimate.
yet it was such an amazing experience i want to share a little.

after two dry runs to the hospital
we set an inducement date for 4/29/11.
which tickled my fancy since i've been a royalist my whole life.
(this will be important when i discuss our hospital stay)

i told j we were NOT going back to the hospital.
for any reason.
unless my water broke..
or i was in so much pain i couldn't walk.

well my water never broke.
my contractions came
& immediately i knew they were different.
at first they were spaced 5 minutes apart
& i ate dinner,
painted my nails
& tried to shower.

after the shower they really intensified.
i was literally crawling around our house.
remember how i said i would go back to the hospital..
when i couldn't walk.
so we packed up & headed out.

how do i describe contractions?
your worst menstural cramps..
i get cramps from hell.
my contractions were hell.
that was just my experience.
& i'm not apologizing when i say..
damn that $%&*&$ hurt.

an accident on the way to the hospital sent us on a detour.
i was near tears when we checked in.
'i think i'm going to pop'
-my exact words to the triage nurse.

& i was.

adorable VT loopy blanket from Ga Ga Galore - thank you Erica!


  1. He is so handsome! Love your story.

  2. So should I be happy that I was at a 2.75 as 36 weeks? Do you know how you were measuring weeks prior? What I'm getting at is, am I taking care of the early stages just by walking around? Haha.

  3. OMYGOD holly, he is the most beautiful baby! i cant wait to meet him and hear more! seriously, so handsome :) :) :) cant believe one of the vets has a BABY!

  4. brooke - i was 2cm the day before, and i lost my 'plug' slowly that day.. & i think as soon as i was 100% effaced my contractions kicked into gear. i heard in one class that for first time labor you won't begin to fully dilate until your 100% effaced which made sense in my case!

  5. Oh my. And here I was 80% effaced at 36 weeks. I need to go pay those bills...