Thursday, May 5, 2011

one week!

don't worry i'm not a horrible mother.
i picked him two seconds after taking a quick shot.
but he's just so cute when he cries.
he looks just like his daddy.

today he's one week old.
& he met one set of great-grand parents from delaware.
what a lucky kid..
five great-grand parents!

he was born on helen & sonny's
55th wedding anniversary.
how perfect is that?

tomorrow he meets his grandpop from florida!

he's sleeping at three hour intervals at night.
which makes mommy very happy!

everyone keeps bringing us sweets.
but mommy keeps losing weight.
breast feeding = best diet ever!

however next thursday i'm starting the dukan diet.
anyone doing this?
any tips?!

trying to make an outdoors kid.
his bassinet plays ocean sounds
& it puts him right to sleep.
today he was fussy so i bundled him up
& walked up
& down the driveway.
calmed instantly!

1 comment:

  1. yay! so happy that you are so happy! annnd so happy that you still find time to blog. you are making it all seem so effortless :)