Monday, May 9, 2011

sleepless nights.

our first rough night.
mother's day eve,
sonny went on strike.
first it was gas.
totally my fault.
dad was in town.
he bought bagliani's cheese.
dairy = no bueno for breast milk.

sonny cried & cried.
i cried & i cried.

after the gas passed,
all mother's day he refused my left breast.
the lactacian consultant was unavailable.
a doctor called me back from the answering service.
his advice was to pump the left
& feed on the right.
& keep trying.

i did this for all feedings yesterday.
i googled other ways to deal.
one suggestion was see a chiro..
& have them hold the baby upside down by the ankles.

i did a lot of mommy & sonny time between feedings.
we took a nap on the couch together
& relaxed.
finally at 10pm on mother's day he fed on the left.
best mother's day gift ever!

so thankful for so many supportive people around.
my mom has done everything around our house the past week.
& my dad was in town this weekend to meet sonny.
when i felt like giving up yesterday
& switching to fomula
my parents kept me motivated.
& of course j..
who keeps his sense of humor,
while i'm losing my mind.
that's love.

santino's nursery elephant print from Trendy Pea's on Etsy

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  1. You're so lucky to have wonderful support! Glad it worked out. The IBCLC at the birth center recommends sticking to Kelly Mom ( for all breastfeeding questions. They have their own search engine, so you're not Googling around to all different sources. Just search there!

    Oh, and it's fun to read people talking about Hammonton locations! We may need to get together with our babes one day.