Tuesday, May 3, 2011

part2 - and there goes your birthing plan.

i didn't have a birthing plan.

i knew that it would most likely change during labor anyway.
however i did make statements like:

i really don't want an epidural.
i'm going to try and do this as naturally as possible.
there is no way i'm letting them do an episiotomy.
i'm not letting them take the baby away from me after delivery.

well this is me eating all my words.
i've already talked about the contractions.
on the drive i decided..
i needed an epidural.
in the triage room i really started to lose it.
they told me they only needed to draw some blood
& run an IV.
then i'd have my epidural.
we left the triage room.
i lost my dinner on the way to the labor room.
j quipped 'you just made it smell like a deli in there'
great thanks.

they kept telling me to breathe during the contractions.
like that was going to help.

after the longest hour
& half the doctor came with the epidural.
i was so nervous about the needle to the spine.
it was nothing the had IV hurt more.

within a few seconds i was back to me.
i immediately apologized to everyone in the room..
i'm really not the rude/horrible person i was during the contractions.

as soon as the epidural was in place
my doc came to examine me
without even discussing it he broke my water.
'she's 9'

well that explains the contractions.
an hour and a half .. 5 cm..
no pain meds.
let me just pat myself on the back now.

with an hour i was pushing.
seriously the best part of the birth.
remember the epidural?

our nurse was amazing.
j was so calm
& supportive.

it was going great.
until sonny decided to shake things up.

his heart was dropping.
we were too far along for a cesearian.

the doctor mentioned the vacuum
& i panicked.
but we continued pushing.

baby came quickly.
a few long pushes.
and then a cry.

there was an episiotomy.
but i felt nothing until he started the stitches.
even then it was just pulling
& i'm healing well.
& nothing compares to the healthy baby boy..
who made his appearance at 1:06am.

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