Saturday, May 7, 2011

part4 - hospital stay

due to babies early morning arrival (1:06am)
i ended up being at the hospital for THREE LONG DAYS.
i hate hospitals.
hate visiting people in hospitals.
will do anything to not even go to the doctor.

early on santino's birth day my mom & j's mom were first to arrive.
my mom brought a british flag.
i guess i should first explain that i originally planned on marrying prince william.
at 15 i visited england,
& even stalked out eton (prince will's school).

obviously i met j.
who is actually more like prince harry.
both are the younger brothers..
both have a little bit of a bad rep?

but a big joke in my family is my love of prince will.
& my mom was obsessed with princess di..
so i really should blame her.

i had a sleepover with my bff & mom to watch princess di's funeral.
kind of depressing?

so back to the british flag.
j's mom thought it'd be funny to hang it on my suite door.

so for three days everyone thought i was a brit.
when my family came to visit they didn't even have to ask my room number.
just look for the flag.

she also brought the 'queen' crown.
that i wore for our first family photo.

j came to the hospital early the day after santino's birth.
& he slept through the royal wedding.
after we toasted to our babe with our new champagne glasses.
courtesy of my british loving aunt
(who has lived in england two separate times).
being in the hospital sucked.
frequent interruptions by nurser/doctors/techs drove me crazy.
but celebrating the royal wedding
& the birth of your babe was fab.

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