Wednesday, May 4, 2011

part3 - boobs.

after santino joined our world he was taken away.
this is exactly what i did not want to happen.
however his respiration rate was high
& he needed to be evaluated.

it took close to three hours for me to see him.
the nurse brought him
& asked if wanted help with breast feeding.

i did not take any classes,
& only read briefly on the subject.
i figured if it works it works..
if not, no big deal.

luckily santino was a natural.
he immediately latched.

we've had some difficulty.
my nipples are sore
& blistered.
he doesn't always latch correctly.

however, his first doctors appointment sold me.
they raved about his weight & poop.

knowing that this is the best thing for my baby
makes all the difference
& puts all the pain in perspective.

i have no advice on breast feeding.
i just think it's natural.
it's meant to happen.
no over thinking it.

we've even stopped using the boppy for feedings.
we do best skin to skin.
his little belly resting between my chest.
& if i lean back it helps with the pain.
the landolin lotion is my bff.

i'm a leaky mess.
but i wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. Yay! I love BFing success stories, especially after any length of time apart in those first few hours. That must have been hard, but he was right there ready for action once you were together again : )

  2. Love reading all about your birth story! You sounded a lot like how I feel right now about breastfeeding.. I haven't taken classes and only read a little.. I definitely want to try it and hope it works, but I am just going to see how it goes. (hopefully it works out as well as it has for you!)

    Congratulations again on your adorable little boy.. he really is SO cute!! :)